Okinawa, Japan

Our Little Island Abode

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Hi there!! I was really hoping to share this post before we left Okinawa… but everything got insanely crazy towards the end there. We are in North Carolina now, have been for a week, and I promise to share more updates soon!

For now I wanted to give you guys a peek into our Okinawa home on Camp McTureous. This was actually our second apartment, we were moved from our first due to renovations. (You can see a bit of our old apartment here). We were very very lucky and got assigned to 1 of 2 renovated 2 bedroom apartment buildings on McT. We lived here from February 2014 to September 2018. Also, our layout was very similar to apartments on Camp Courtney, Kadena Air Base and Camp Shields.

We moved to Okinawa with no furniture, besides a mattress, so it took us a while to get here, but we made our concrete bunker a home. Most of the decorations are from the Fleet Gift Shop, where I used to work. If you are interested in knowing where certain things are from, just leave me a comment below.

        ^^ Our lovely apartment building, well half of it anyways. There are 4 more apartments on the left side. ^^

I absolutely hated that TV stand.. but when you have a 60″ TV in a land of tiny furniture.. let’s say it was impossible to find something that was the right size and that I loved. Hated that lamp also.

                                                                            ^^ My mantra this PCS season ^^

                   ^^ I loved these cheap Nitori shelves! They held all of our books and our travel knick knacks ^^

                                                                 ^^ Part of our postcard collection ^^

        ^^ So happy I found this kimono at the Marine Gift Shop from Sachi’s Antiques!! I’m obsessed with it ^^

                                                    ^^ Tiny coffee/tea station with a side of seaglass ^^

                                        ^^ My precious wood, ceramic and Okinawa pottery collection ^^

                                                             ^^ I love how crazy colorful our fridge was!! ^^

^^ Can you tell I’m Young Living essential oil obsessed? That cactus was the only plant I was able to keep alive. ^^

                                                            ^^ Our lovely government furniture ^^

Cannot wait to have a home in North Carolina and make it ours!!
Until next time 🙂