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Kijoka Purple Iris Fields

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After 5.5 years in Okinawa, I finally made it to the Kijoka Purple Iris Fields in Ogimi Village with my friend Lauren. I had seen photos from others who had visited, but really had no expectations. It was the most gorgeous spring day and as we drove closer to the pin on Google Maps, we spotted a sea of purple. We were so pleasantly surprised by how many flowers there were! There are a handful of fields, but the main one was in full bloom when we visited.

According to a sign, this is one of the last remaining paddy fields in the Okinawa prefecture. Rice and straw were grown for tatami mats were grown before, but now the irises are the areas main crop. Surprisingly learned that their leaves are shipped out to be used for ikebana, Japanese flower arrangements. The Kijoka fields are an important habitat for several species of local wild birds. The local elementary school kids have been studying the birds since 1988 and work hard to protect their environment.

^^ The bees were in absolute heaven, you could see how happy they were and that made us so happy as well ^^

           ^^ Grandma and grandson out on a fishing adventure! They were so cuuute, I had to snap a photo ^^

I’m pretty sure there was a photography tour because there was a huge group of elderly Japanese people with amazing cameras. We had the cutest little moment trying to have a conversation with a lady about the flowers and our cameras. Then two other ladies asked if they could take a photo of us… and we obliged. We walked away and after a few minutes realized they didn’t stop taking photos of us. We had our awkward model moment with paparazzi and all.

Have you been to the Kijoka Purple Iris Field in Ogimi?

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