Vamos a la playa!

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Today was our first Okinawa Beach adventure and we were so excited to get back to what makes us feel right at home. We are both islanders and the beach just has a way of making everything feel better. I had seen pictures and i had heard stories about how the beaches here were… but nothing prepared me for the beauty that lied at the end of a 45-60 minute drive. After attempting to take pictures during our drive along the coast, i felt defeated by the countless trees and buildings that stood between my iPhone and a beautiful shot of the scenery. But this beach was worth the drive. 
The pictures were taken on the way from Uruma City (where we live) to Nago (a city up north). This beach was not a “popular hot stop”, its more for the hotels alone the shoreline and because of that it was basically us and some people that rented water activities; people came, took pictures and went.

Besides beach pictures, these are the first pictures i’ve taken from the streets of Okinawa.

check out those dreamy American Style houses on the right
i hope you’re ready for this beauty
wasn’t i right about the whole dreamy beach thing? 😉 
Husband caught his first fish (and then set him free). 
This beach is full of beautiful shells, so i got inspired. 
I think this was the first of many drives to this beach, simply because it was perfection. We feel so lucky to be living in such a beautiful island with so many things to offer. I bet you’re wishing you could visit us someday, huh? ;D