Motobu, Okinawa

Camping at Kouri Island!

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One of my co-workers invited us for a last minute beach camping trip to Kouri Island in October, we had been wanting to go camping for a while and we’d never visited Kouri so it was a win-win. Sadly i worked that Saturday, so we weren’t able to make it there until sunset but we pitched our tent as soon as we got there and enjoyed some down time by the fire. We stargazed, ate burgers and made s’mores! It was kind of hard to fall asleep because let’s face it the sand isn’t that comforable but the weather was perfect and the sound of the waves was pretty amazing.

 The next day we woke up incredibly early thanks to the sun and the sound of waves, we had breakfast, walked around the beach and then packed our stuff. We wanted to get in the water but sadly the ocean temperature had already started to drop and was freezing! Before leaving Kouri we parked our car, ate some Blue Seal ice cream, walked around the bridge and took pictures of the crystal blue waters. It was a great little getaway and we can’t wait to go camping again.