Welcome November!

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After being in Okinawa for almost 2 months we finally got our household goods delivered. The expected date was December 19th, so we were super excited when we heard they were delivering it this week :). We didn’t have many things to call our own, because husband was in the US and i was living at home in PR, but nonetheless it feels good to finally have all of our things in one place. 
It may look like there aren’t that many boxes but these boxes are humongous inside. 
(excuse my spanglish, lol!)
This month is full of awesomeness because its our birthday month, Nov. 14th + Nov. 30th, we’ll also be attending our second Marine Corps Ball this friday, which comes accompanied by a long weekend (Veterans Day – 96), and we also get to spend Thanksgiving together for the first time :). November also marks our 6th month of being married!! 
The internet is already flowing with holiday spirit, as well as the BX and PX’s here. We’re currently searching for our first christmas tree and i can’t wait to put it up this month. Let the holiday season begin!