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The Ladies Market

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IMG_23991After exploring the Yuen Po Bird Garden and the Flower Market Road, we walked and walked and walked looking for the Goldfish Market and then when we couldn’t find it we continued to walk some more to the Ladies Market. This market wasn’t on my must-see list, but one of my friends needed shoes so we decided to check it out! Even though it was miserable walking in the heat, i loved the chance to take pictures around the city of Kowloon.

^^ This picture definitely captures the essence of Hong Kong! ^^

^^ How weird is it that the sidewalk sheds are made with bamboo sticks! Super unique! ^^

^^ I giggled when i first saw this on the road. It’s just so British! Yes, they also drive on the left side of the road ^^

The Ladies Market reminded me a lot of the Shilin Night Market we visited in Taiwan! There were stalls selling fresh produce, clothing, phone covers, art, jade items, purses, souveniers and soo much more. There was a lot more bartering and vendors were more aggresive than in Taiwan.

^^ the only goldfish stall we found! but at least i got a shot 😉 ^^