Taiwan: Sky Lanterns
at Shifen Old Street

The last stop of our first full day in Taiwan was Pingxi District, where we were planning on releasing a Sky Lantern. Pingxi is really close to Jiufen Old Street so we took the Pingxi Line from Riufang Station, apparently we got too excited and we exited the train too early, we ended up at Shifen Old Street instead. Both Pingxi and Shifen are known for their Lantern Festivals so i guess we had pretty much the same experience we would’ve had in Pingxi. The area where the Sky Lanterns were being sold, written on and released was pretty interesting because it was right on the train tracks! During our time there a train actually passed through, pretty surreal.

We purchased our Sky Lantern from the first booth and went down onto the train tracks right away. Someone helped us pin our lantern to this clothing rack looking thing and pointed to the cups full of brushes/paint right on the side. We really hadn’t put much thought to our wishes (lol!) and we didn’t want to keep people from making theirs so i wrote our names – the date and Taiwan on one side, G wrote our anniversary date and his wishes for our marriage on another side, we drew a smiley face on another (haha, lame i know) and i ended it with “May we continue to wander this world together”. We don’t have nice pictures of this but check out the iphone video below.

^^ umm.. her drawing of Rilakkuma made me feel bad about my little smiley face, lol! ^^

^^ i guess i lied in the previous post when i said we were done eating.. we had fried ice cream ^^
^^ This one was by far my favorite wish, probably because it was the only one i could read 😉 ^^

Q: Have you ever released a Sky Lantern before?! If not, is it on your bucketlist?

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