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Summerfest at Ocean Expo Park

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Happy Monday! to all of you stateside and Happy Tuesday! to all of you on this side of the world 😉 Last Saturday, we ventured on to Nago (my favorite city) to see a magical show of fireworks at the Summer Festival. Every year a large number of people show up for this summer festival featuring the largest firework display in Okinawa. The festival takes place at the Ocean Expo Park, with it’s main attraction the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, among other fun parks. You can swim at Emerald Beach all day, enjoy a Sunset Concert with performances by various music artist and after the sun goes down 10,000 fireworks light up the sky.
When we read 10,000 fireworks we couldn’t believe it, but it’s true. The show starts at 9:00pm and ends at 10:00pm, with a short break between 9:20-9:35. I think any firework show we see from now on will not compare to this one. They definitely spoiled us. I’ll link up the two videos i took during the show on a separate post, when i wake up.
 ^^ we made a pit stop to stretch our legs and take some pictures ^^
 ^^ check out my lil japanese car 🙂 isn’t it adorable?! ^^
 ^^ couldn’t choose between those two shots, so i decided to post them both because.. why not?! ^^
 ^^ cuteness overload!!! that’s the mascot of one of the convenient stores. i’m guessing it was a new store ^^
 ^^ finally have a picture with a shisa dog! ^^
^^ couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear when i saw this old couple enjoying the view! ^^
^^ of course you need sea creatures made of plants, what else would you put in the entrance of an aquarium? ^^
After walking around and taking pictures we decided to join in on the fun, laying on the grass. We chose a spot on a hill with the perfect view of the sunset over Ie Island (home of the Lily Festival). There were so many japanese and american families awaiting anxiously for the firework show. Many japanese families brought their own coolers with food and had a picnic while they waited (i couldn’t control myself and had to take pictures). We took note for next year because the food stands were impossibly full.
^^ our friend Heather brought this beautiful blanket handmade by her great-grandmother, i fell in love with it ^^
^^ this was our beautiful view, without zoom ^^
Even though we were stuck in the car for what seemed like forever, it was all worth in the end. Getting to see fireworks two weekends in a row, that’s pretty darn cool! I mean who doesn’t love fireworks?
Q: How was your weekend?