Shilin Night Market

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After exploring Taipei 101 we took the MRT to Shilin Station where the largest and most popular market in Taipei awaited. We were so excited to explore the Shilin Night Market, to walk around the thousands of shops and eat some taiwanese street food. The market is HUGE i mean we walked/ate for like 2 hours and i don’t think we saw it all. I’m kind of sad that we didn’t buy anything but we only brought carry-ons so we were kind of low on extra space.

^^ the fruits looked fake because they were sooo colorful! I ate the sweetest pineapple EVER ^^
^^ check out all of these dog outfits!! haha only in asia ^^
^^ this machine would cook these crispy pancakes and then would send them flying off! ^^
^^ this Angus Beef was definitely our favorite street food! ^^
^^ there’s something about these temples… the details and colors are just gorgeous!! ^^