Bali, Indonesia

Where we stayed in Bali, Indonesia

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This blogpost is a first. The first time I've ever written a post about a trip straight after coming home and if you've been following for a while you know this NEVER happens. It usually takes me months before I feel like diving into editing/writing about a trip. I always say I get a little depressed after a trip ends and need some time to process it before[...]
Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Stopover: Elephant Mountain

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Back in May 2017 we flew to Bali for our 5 year wedding anniversary, and on the way there we had a long layover in Taipei. We got off the plane, headed to the train station at the airport and got a 1-Day MRT pass. We headed straight to Taipei 101 to eat at Din Tai Fung for lunch and after stuffing ourselves we were off to hike Elephant Mountain, both things[...]

Life Update // PCS From Hell

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If you follow me on social media then you know a bit about the mess we are in. For those that don't, you should at least follow me on Instagram ;)! Anyways it's a long story so here we go. Orders/Housing   We got orders to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 9 months ago in February 2018, which is earlier than most people get orders. My husband's 'no later[...]
Okinawa, Japan

Our Little Island Abode

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Hi there!! I was really hoping to share this post before we left Okinawa... but everything got insanely crazy towards the end there. We are in North Carolina now, have been for a week, and I promise to share more updates soon! For now I wanted to give you guys a peek into our Okinawa home on Camp McTureous. This was actually our second apartment, we were[...]
Motobu, Okinawa

Tropical Dream Center

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Back in February I drove up to Motobu with some new friends to see #alltheflowers at the Tropical Dream Center. I've been wanting to go to their International Orchid Show and to see their tulips. We made it there a day late for the show and the orchid displays were coming down... but the flowers were still amazing!! Seriously prepare for flower OVERLOAD, bec[...]
Nago, Okinawa

Cosmos and Cherry Blossoms in Nago

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Our last spring in Japan and we had to go out with a bang! So I met some friends up north to see  cosmos and cherry blossoms. First stop was this hidden cosmos field in Nago and although I didn't take as many photos as when I went to the field in Kin, I really enjoyed my time there. I got there a little early and had the field all to myself. It was cold,[...]