Ikei Island, Okinawa

Ikei Beach

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Two weekends ago we were wanting to do something outdoors because the weather was absolutely perfect, so we decided to head to Ikei Beach. The last time we visited Ikei we only drove around and then decided to go back home because we were starving and we couldn’t find a place to eat.

My friend Katie came along with us and of course we had to make a stop at the gorgeous red bridge. Ikei Beach is located right after the bridge and although you have to pay ¥400 per adult to get into beach we really enjoyed the facilities. You can also pay extra to do tons of water activities and there’s also a small cafe inside that serves Okinawan food.

^^ the best way to cool down after a few hours at the beach is of course Kakigori (shaved ice) ^^

We later drove around the island trying to find 2 unique houses that my friend Hannah featured on this post. We sadly only found this one but wow was amazing! I wish there was a way of knowing who designed these and if the houses are abandoned or still in use.

Hooray for another place checked off my Oki Bucketlist!