Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian –
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Puerto Ricans are known for having one of the longest holiday celebrations in the world. Christmas doesn’t end in December (like in the US), it ends almost in February. The Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian or San Sebastian Street festival is the un-official end of Christmas and the party of the year, it goes on for 4 days at the end of January in Old San Juan.

If you’re ever in Puerto Rico for the festival definitely try to go on Thursday afternoon to see the parade! It is one of the most traditional parts of the whole festival! To the rhythm of drums played by pleneros there will be, vejigantes (masked, clown-like characters), the gigantes (stilt walkers), and the cabezudos (huge, paper mâché heads of important puerto rican figures) walking the streets of Old San Juan. It is my favorite part! At night is when it gets interesting (lol!), be ready for crowds on crowds on crowds, tons of alcohol and even better music!

If you decide to take public transportation to the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian (which you should) you can either drive or take the train to Sagrado Corazón station. There are buses that will take you into the city and will drop you off by the Capitol building. You have to walk for a bit, but who cares when it’s this pretty out!

                            ^^ the capitol building gives me great memories from our wedding day! ^^ 

                                                                                  ^^ Balcony goals^^                      ^^ No visit to Old San Juan is complete without some pictures of pretty doors!!  ^^                                        ^^ we also took pictures here on our wedding day! *swoon* ^^

                   ^^ this is the itinerary from last year! Check out the 2017 itinerary in English, here ^^ 

  ^^ The suitcase reads “there is no work, so I will also be leaving (Puerto Rico) after the San Sebastián Street festival ^^

           ^^ This cabezudo represents Ricardo Alegría, a scholar who is considered the father of archaeology ^^ 


         ^^ This house is owned by a family with the same last name as my husband! Wish he knew them, lol! ^^ 

               ^^ my brother-in-law’s awesome street photography printed on wood pieces. Check him out!  ^^

                ^^ My adorable niece Lucero, who has grown sooo much since this picture was taken last year 🙁 ^^ 

                                                 ^^ I spy with my little eye… some bougainvilleas! My favorites! ^^

  ^^ I was on the hunt for some Old San Juan art and I fell IN LOVE with that bottom one!!! Sadly it was like $800 🙁 ^^

Q: Have you been to the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian before? Would you attend the Puerto Rican party of the year?