Daydreaming of Hokkaido

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Husband and I may be staying in Okinawa longer than planned, so of course this means we get to do more traveling! While Typhoon Vongfong was going crazy outside, i killed some time on Pinterest looking for place we’d like to travel to. As soon as i wrote ‘Hokkaido’ in the search bar and clicked enter i started daydreaming of this magical place. I told G that we definitely HAVE to make it here before we leave Asia. However we can’t decide what time of the year would be better to visit because let’s face it both Winter and Spring look absolutely stunning.

Q: Give us a hand, what time of the year do you think we should visit Hokkaido?!

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Hi! I'm Laura, the girl behind Little Island Takara. I am a military wife and American expat living in Okinawa, Japan! Most days you will find me reading books, wondering what cafe to go to next or daydreaming of my next adventure.

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  • Hannah Curtis

    hmm so tough! while I think winter would be awesome because we don't really get a winter here in Okinawa those pink flowers look so lush I think I would go for spring! How exciting that you may be staying longer 🙂

  • We've just started working out where we want to go in Japan for a few weeks next year – it all looks too amazing! I will definitely be scouting out your previous posts for travel tips 😀 Both spring and winter look beautiful – Tom just walked past and declared that we must now see the snow monkeys having seen the pic above so I guess it is a winter vote from us!
    Tori xx

  • That is way too tough of a decision!! Although if I lived somewhere like Okinawa I'd probably go in winter, just to do something totally different from the tropics.

  • Both! All those photos are just gorgeous!
    Claire xx

  • We loved Japan in the fall! Maybe it's because we're both from a tropical island and we've never really seen the changing of the seasons but it was such a great time to visit! Cool weather, not that many tourists, and of course maple leaves! 😉 We only went to Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka but we're thinking of visiting some of the southern cities in the spring; because cherry blossoms!!!

  • We went to Niseko in February and absolutely loved it! We went with another friend and cheaped it out, staying in a hostel (super cozy!) on the mountain. I skied 1 day and the guys skied a bunch. I ended up going from onsen hopping while they were still on the mountain! It was awesome! It was so beautiful that I really want to see it in the summer too!

  • wow! these photos are breath taking!! so glad I stumbled across your blog! newest follower here. 🙂