Daydreaming of Hokkaido

castle ice sculpture | snow monkeys | hokkaido milk toast | shades of blue |

cherry tree | chiffon cupcake | pink hills | to do list |

Husband and I may be staying in Okinawa longer than planned, so of course this means we get to do more traveling! While Typhoon Vongfong was going crazy outside, i killed some time on Pinterest looking for place we’d like to travel to. As soon as i wrote ‘Hokkaido’ in the search bar and clicked enter i started daydreaming of this magical place. I told G that we definitely HAVE to make it here before we leave Asia. However we can’t decide what time of the year would be better to visit because let’s face it both Winter and Spring look absolutely stunning.

Q: Give us a hand, what time of the year do you think we should visit Hokkaido?!