Vieques, Puerto Rico

Arrival and Caracas Beach

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We took the 9am ferry and arrived in Vieques around 10:15am (I didn’t take any pictures on the ferry because I was trying not to puke, lol). We took the cargo ferry because my brother-in-law brought his pick-up truck, which worked our perfectly for us because we were able to leave all of our things in his trunk!! Plus not all of us fit in the van that came with the house.

Once we arrived I contacted our Airbnb host who was coming to pick us up after she dropped off the guest who had just checked off to the airport. We decided to eat lunch around the port in Isabella Segunda (one of the islands cities) while we waited and our host suggested she should drop off the van for us to use until the house was ready. G went to drop her off at the house and then we ate some food at Al’s Mar Azul.





caracas-beach5^^ my nice is the cutest and i hope you’re ready for a spam of her adorableness! ^^caracas-beach6

After eating we dropped by the house to see if we could leave all of bags, we did and then visited the first beach of our trip, Caracas Beach! It was soo hot and we were soo ready for a dip in the water. There was a lot of algae in the shore but I think it’s because of the time of the year we visited, January.






caracas-beach12^^ i’m pretty sure this man is a pyro.. or maybe it’s a Marine thing but he loves fires ^^caracas-beach13






How gorgeous is that beach? I’m so lucky to call his country home and don’t you agree this was the perfect place for a family getaway? Wait until you see the rest of the posts I have lined up! If you missed it here is a review of Casa de Vieques, the home we booked on Airbnb!

 * These are the first pictures I edited with Adobe Lightroom, using the A Beautiful Mess presets and I’m super obsessed!