Naha, Okinawa

Coral dying at Shuri Ryusen

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 Two weeks ago i was finally able to join in on #OkiFunDay with my friends Kassie and Kacey. We had breakfast at CC’s Chicken & Waffles on the SeaWall and then drove down to Naha for some fun activities. We went coral dying at Shuri Ryusen. I had never heard of this place but Kassie had this on her bucketlist before moving to Okinawa!! As soon as you walk in there is a store where you can purchase professionally dyed items, on the second floor is the crafting area and on the third floor there is a professional studio.


^^ this was an actual vehicle used to carry the emperor of Okinawa back in the day ^^
^^ tiny little nesting dolls ^^
^^ obsessed with the details ^^


You can choose between any of these items (all for the same price, ¥3,200), totes, fabric to cover your coffee mug, fabric for gift wrapping, fabric for framing, t-shirts, among other goodies.


^^ Okinawa Kanji stamp ^^^^ professionally stamped fabric ^^

After finishing our projects we visited the third floor to explore the Atelier where professional coral dying is done.

It was a great day trip adventure for us DIY lovers! Up Next -> Ball Donut Park!

Shuri Ryusen
1-54 Shuri Yamakawacho,
Naha, Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: 098-866-1131