A week’s worth of updates

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After landing at Kadena Air Base last friday and surviving our first typhoon, we have been busy bees all week.

First off, i’d like to talk about our sponsor. When you get orders overseas your active duty spouse gets assigned a sponsor from his/her command and this person is basically supposed to: pick you up at the airport, make a reservation at a hotel for your first weeks on island, take you to the commissary to buy groseries, drive you around anywhere you need to go (basically all over the island), take you to housing brief and house hunting, take you to the post office, help you get cellphones, among a million other things, all while helping your active duty spouse check-in to his new duty station.
 Let me tell you we LOVE our sponsor. He is a sergeant, roughly my husband’s age, married to a wonderful woman and father to the cutest four year old. He has been so friendly and helpful from the minute we met him, which was a relief. Why? you may ask.. well i’m an avid researcher on anything and everything, and while researching about PCS-ing you always read about other people having lots of problems with their sponsor, thankfully for us that problem was nonexistent. 
On Tuesday afternoon, he even took us to his beautiful home, gave us a tour and later took us to eat sushi at a place called American Village, close by to where we are staying. We ate on the traditional japanese tables, where you had to take your shoes off and sit on the floor. It was awesome. 
 this is the view from the restaurant
In other news we have an FPO Box, which means tons of online shopping will be going on, and also our families can send us some love from Puerto Rico. We got our phones yesterday 🙂 two white iPhone 4S, i’m super excited to be back on Instagram (follow me @miss_lora). I passed my driving exam yesterday, hooray for having a Japanese license and the biggest of news is (drum roll please) …. we got a house!!! more like an apartment, but you get what i mean ;P and we move on Saturday morning!!  i took pictures when we went to see it, but i’ll wait until the furniture is there to post pictures 🙂 
That’s pretty much a wrap up on our first week here on island. We are so excited to get settled in our new home and make it our own. 
ps. sorry for the lack of pictures, not having a working phone sucked! but that’s all over.