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Zenko-ji Temple – Nagano

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After visiting the Snow Monkeys and exploring Matsumoto Castle, our last stop in Nagano was the Zenko-ji Temple. This one is considered one of the most important temples in Japan because it houses the first Buddhist statue brought into Japan in the 6th century. The statue is actually hidden from the public and a copy is displayed for a few weeks, every 6 years. The next opportunity to see it will be in 2021.

The area is absolutely huge and sadly we didn’t have time to see it all. After the main gate there is a shopping street, followed by another gate and the main hall. There are also smaller shrines all over the place. In the back there is a beautiful pink-ish pagoda, you should not miss, that houses the Zenkoji History Museum. We actually parked in the back… so the photos will be a bit out of order, sorry!!

                                                                            ^^ How hilarious is this ^^

                                                       ^^ I spy some blooms and greenery amid the snow ^^

                                             ^^ The incense that comes out of this lion brings blessings ^^

          ^^ A vending machine of omamori or amulets, they are believed to be a part of the temple gods !! ^^                   ^^ There are a few different temples in this area to the left before the temple entrance ^^

                                                                      ^^ Love finding peace poles!! ^^

Zenko-ji Temple

Address: Motoyoshichō-491 Nagano, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken 380-0851