What’s in my bag?

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When having blogger’s block (sorta like writer’s block) you use the internet as your inspiration and well since everybody’s been doing these types of posts, i guess i’ll join in as well. 
Here are the 10 things i always keep in my purse! (this bag is courtesy of Valeria my Best Friend/Maid of Honor, who kindly lend me hers when my only purse broke while i was back home in Puerto Rico) 

1. RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses – on a sunny day you’ll always see me rocking these.
2. TMI!! Birth Control – because we don’t want any little ones running around just yet. 
3. 5 Gum Cobalt – my favorite gum! always a must.
4. Coin Purse – a must when the currency of the country you live in is mostly coins, also a great way to separate both.
5. Headphones – you never know when you’ll want to tune out the world.
6. Wallet – yes, it’s a man’s wallet.. i don’t care, it’s small and fits in any purse! 🙂
7. EOS organic lip balm – i’ve had this since last summer and i haven’t lost it!! it’s definitely a must.
8. Hello Kitty Pill Organizer – for all those small necessities you may need. 
9. Iphone 4S – phone, camera, laptop, all-in-one! it simply never leaves my side.
10. Headband – always have one in case i forget to bring one to the gym. 
i hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my purse! 
As for your regularly scheduled blogging i’m hoping to have more inspiration soon, we haven’t done much exploring the past two weeks, hence my lack of posts. I promise there will be a home decor update post because we’ve bought some nice items i want to share with you all, i also got the wedding photo’s in the mail this week which means i’ll soon be sharing them and this weekend there will be some exploring, pinky promise. Stay tuned for some fun posts!