Naha, Okinawa

Whale Watching with Marine House Seasir

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Whale Watching season goes on during the last months of winter in Okinawa. The humpback whales spend much of their year in the Alaskan coasts and they migrate 5,100 kilometers south towards the Kerama Islands, just 40 kilometers west of Naha. The warmth of the Okinawan waters prove ideal breeding ground for the whales.

We booked a tour online with Marine House Seasir, an Okinawan company. They even had an english guide tell us all about the whales and what to expect during our tour. Sadly, we sat in the front of the boat and after a while i started feeling seasick (something that has never happened before). So, i spent all of our time out at sea sitting in the back, with my head out of the boat. It sucked soo much and i wish we would’ve sat down in the back from the beginning. Apparently our tour wasn’t so lucky because we didn’t get to see much, just a couple of blows and tails. It felt like we wasted our money, as i spent the whole tour throwing up, but nonetheless it was an experience, lol.

^^ but first let me take a selfie ^^

^^ Sadly this picture was taken by a friend, we didn’t get to see much of the whales πŸ™ ^^

^^ this was me during the whole tour (-_-) i was so bummed out ^^
Q: Have you ever gone whale watching? How was your experience?

  • Oh dear seasick, poor you! I had a terrible experience a couple of years back where I spent the time either puking my guts out or lying on the bench while my friends snorkel. .___.

    Well, I'm pretty sure you'll have another chance to whale watch!

  • Bummer for the seasickness. They have tons of whale watching tours here in Iceland but I am afraid I would get really seasick as well so I have never gone on one.

  • Andrea Ostler Castro

    what a bummer! maybe next year??

  • Kara

    We went through Kadena last year. I was worried I would get seasick, but surprisingly, I was fine. I even made my son take Dramimine, just in case. We had a great show! They were jumping all over the place for us. At one point, they were jumping in pairs. Either way, it's an experience. My parents were visiting at the time and my mom still talks about it. My dad spent the whole time puking, but what he did see, he enjoyed.

  • I wanna go whale watching so bad! It's really popular here in SoCal, but everytime we want to go, something comes up. Like now, our daughter is too young to go xD So now we have to wait til next year : It's depressing!

  • I want to go whale watching here.
    Supposedly they guarantee you'll see some or your next round is free.
    you look SOOOO bummed.

  • Stephanie

    Hey Laura, reading your blog has inspired me to start blogging myself. I have no idea where to start, honestly. I was wondering if u have the time to email me and give me any advice on how to start…. Thanks

  • What a fun adventure! I haven't gone whale watching yet, but I hope to do so soon. I know we can go to the Oregon coast for that, so hopefully…..))

  • awe sucks to being sea sick. Your friend captured a good pic though!