Okinawa Vehicle Transportation

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Sayonara to having to rely on people to drive us around island, we finally have our own cars to take us exploring and back. Most of you may not know (the same way i didn’t) that Japan is one of the 33.9% of countries in the world that practice left-hand traffic. I learned this while researching before our PCS and i couldn’t believe it, as did anyone i told, but apparently there are more countries that drive on the left side besides the United Kingdom and Ireland. 
(the countries in blue are the ones with left-hand traffic) source: Wikipedia
i’m in love with my neon yellow starfish key chain 🙂 
My car is the Blue Suzuki Swift and Gustavo’s car is the Black Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon.

I bet you’re wondering how it feels to drive on the left side of the road with the steering wheel located on the right side of the car.. well it’s an adjustment to say the least, lol. I’d say you get used to it, it’s not as weird as i would’ve thought before getting here. As long as your conscious of the fact that you have to stay on the left side everything is just plain old driving skills from then on out. Though it feels weird to use your left hand to change your car from “drive” to “reverse” and its pretty funny when you’re trying to turn on the changing signals and you turn on the windshield wipers instead, but it gets old FAST (lol), besides that there is really not much to it.

Now that we have cars we are ready to start exploring this island we call home, this is just the beginning.