Two Years of Okinawa Lovin’!

Two years ago today we set off on the adventure of a lifetime, moving to the other side of the world! It’s safe to say we have fallen in love with Okinawa over and over again. These two years have been pretty amazing and i can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us. It’s pretty hard to believe that we have less than 12 months left here on island. Here’s a monthly recap of our second wonderful year abroad, if you missed our first year recap check it out.

{September 2013}: G spent most of this month at a field operation in Camp Fuji, so i didn’t really do much besides work. I did however explore the beautiful Southeast Botanical Gardens with a friend.  I also completed Story of My Life‘s Blogtember challenge!

{October 2013}: G got his sailboating license and he took us Sailing at Kadena Marina on a perfect day! We also explored Fukushen Gardens, the little chinese oasis in the city of Naha. I stopped working at the Base Exchange and got a fun job at the Fleet Gift Shop! 🙂 We also dressed up as Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters for Halloween ;).

{November 2013}: G got promoted to Sergeant at the beginning of the month and we had a blast at the USMC Ball! We drove to the northest point of Okinawa and feasted our eyes at the gorgeous Cape Hedo in the rain. We had dinner at Pizza in the Sky and searched for delicious pineapple wine! I also shared advice on ‘How to fall in love with your spouse everyday‘.

{December 2013}: We flew to mainland Japan for our first vacation and had a blast exploring Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. We watched Frozen and ate Korean BBQ for dinner with our closest friends on Christmas Eve. I shared how to make the holidays feel special while living overseas.

{January 2014}: Started the year by writing down my New Year’s resolutions and my Blogging Goals for the year, as well as starting my No-Poo journey. We explored Cape Zanpa during the day for the first time and then G left for Camp Fuji again. I saw the first sakura blooms in Naha and walked around fields of sunflowers in Kitanakagusuku. I also shared 5 reasons why Okinawa has my heart.

{February 2014}: G took me out on a motorboat and it wasn’t as bad as the sailboat. HAHA! We walked around the Katsuren Castle Ruins and Hamahiga Island. We petsitted Miss Penny, while her parents had a chunky little baby and we moved into a renovated apartment! This was a great month! 😉

{March 2014}: We went whale watching but i sadly got horribly seasick… We also finally got the chance to see visit the cherry blossom festival and see the trees in full bloom! A friend took me seaglassing for the first time at Sand Dollar beach and found tons of mermaid loot to display in our beach themed bathroom.

{April 2014}: I participated on Simple Green Smoothies 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge and felt good all month long! I stopped on the side of the road to photograph the gorgeous Children’s Day Koi Fish carps and we drove around the east side of the island taking pictures until we reached Ikei Island.

{May 2014}: Created the cutest little key DIY to remember our first apartment and we celebrated our second anniversary by going on a little weekend getaway to Ishigaki Island, we stayed in a hotel by the port, rented a little japanese car and explored the island, took a ferry to the smaller islands and even took a water buffalo taxi to Yobu island.

{June 2014}: G got sent to another unit and now works 2 hours away :(. Two weeks in he was sent to Mongolia to be an instructor for a UN peacekeeping exercise called Khaan Quest. I put together my first giveaway and i took a little solo beach day with a good book.

{July 2014}: We petsitted Lucy and Macy while their parents brought the cutest little girl into the world. I got our house ready for guests, G (finally) came back from Mongolia and we had 3 weeks of fun with our family. It was a very interesting experience to have 6 people in a small two bedroom apartment.

{August 2014}: We flew to Tokyo with our family and showed them around our favorite places; we also made it to Disney Sea! While in Tokyo we had the chance to eat Puerto Rican food and maaan was it amazing!! After we got back from our trip G was sent to another survival training in Malaysia, but this time around he’ll be a student. Let’s just say if there’s a zombie apocalypse my husband will surely be ready for anything!

We are so ready for our the 3rd year in Okinawa!
Stay tuned I will be sharing our Bucket List for Year 3 this week! Like i did last year 😉