Our First Okinawan Summer

As we get ready for our family’s arrival NEXT WEEK, we’ve been trying to make a list of places and things we want them to experience during their time here. We also want to add some places from our Bucket List that we haven’t had a chance to visit yet. As i was writing this list down i was relying a lot on our adventure posts from the past two years. While looking back i realized what a jam packed summer we had last year! Here are some of the things we did during our first Okinawan summer, we are hoping to re-experience some of these during our family visit!

Smelled the lilies on Ie Island | Saw a gorgeous sunset on Cape Zanpa | Hiked to/from Fukugawa Falls

Visited a local flower shop | Ate breakfast at Seaside Cafe Hanon | Took pictures of my favorite view

Celebrated 4th of july in Yomitan Village | Pet-sitted Lucy and Penny