Kyoto, Japan

The Golden Pavilion (金閣寺)

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Our last Kyoto attraction was this gorgeous Zen Buddhist Temple named, Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺) which literally means “Temple of the Golden Pavilion”. This temple is also designated by UNESCO as one of the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto” World Heritage Sites, like the Toji Temple. This was one of the places i’ve always seen in pictures and was dying to visit on our trip.

The top two stories of the pavilion are covered in pure gold leaf and it was much more breathtaking in person, to see how the gold temple shined across the pond.

                                                        ^^ Matching with the Golden Pavilion ^^

After our walks around the temple grounds we made our way to Kyoto Station and on to the last stop of our trip, Osaka! I feel like these posts are taking forever to share with you, but i promise we’re close to the end. Have you enjoyed the journey so far?!