“The Fray” Live in Okinawa

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Last weekend we attended our first free concert brought to us by the military, in this case Navy Entertainment. 
Okinawa is definitely a different setting than your average military duty station, this tiny island has 14 U.S. military bases, from all four branches, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Army. Which means there is a constant exchange between the members of all the branches and their dependents, which is something i sort of love about this island.
This month there were two free concerts, one by Hoobastank who played on Kadena Air Base (you may know them from their “one hit wonder” – The Reason, lol), they released a new cd and i must admit their not too bad. Sadly we didn’t get the chance to go to the concert but we couldn’t miss the second concert, by The Fray on Camp Shields. They had just finished their tour through Asia and decided to make Okinawa their last stop before heading back to the states.
It was such a great concert!! rain and all. 

Free concerts on military bases have always been a thing. Bands play for free as their way of giving back something to the troops for going out into the world, for fighting and sacrificing their lives for freedom.

this is what i wore:
Chambray Shirt with Grey Cotton Sleeves – SheInside
Basic Black Leggings – Forever 21
Black Combat Boots – Forever 21
Black Gold Studded Purse – WetSeal 
Alex and Chloe Necklace – Forever 21
before leaving for the concert i added a parka because it was cold and rainy, but i forgot to take a picture before leaving. 
Oh and this post is a bit late… but better late than never, right?