Taiwan: Taipei Zoo
and Maokong Gondola

On our first full day in Taipei we woke up super early, ate a quick breakfast at Starbucks and went on our way to the Taipei Zoo. The only reason i wanted to visit was to ride the Maokong Gondola (thanks Pinterest), but sadly we realized once we got there that it was closed on Mondays. We ended up exploring the Zoo because apparently my lovely husband had never been to a Zoo!! The tickets were only $60NTD ($1.90 USD) and you can easily pay for it using the easy card (totally recommend getting this while visiting Taipei beause it’s super convenient). Excuse the huge picture spam! 😉

^^ of course i had to take a picture with the colorful poops!! lol ^^

                                          ^^ it was so fun seeing Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, the pandas! ^^

^^ we had a little too much fun with these hippo statues!! ^^ 


We returned to the Zoo three days later and we got the chance to ride the Maokong Gondola on Christmas day. It was even more amazing than i had expected, i mean for one, everything was covered in Hello Kitty! Also the ride was incredibly high up and kind of scary (especially for G) but the views were spectacular.

                                   ^^ the view was a bit hazy and foggy but can you spot Taipei 101? ^^

When we reached the end of the line we went into the first tea house we saw, right outside the Gondola station. We were starving so we ordered waffles, as well as citrus and peach tea. A friend recommended the tea house and we thought this one was the one but after eating, we walked around and realized there are countless tea houses around this area.

When we rode the gondola back we decided to stop at one of the stations and visit the Zhinan Temple.

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  • Kassie ODriscoll

    We rode the gondola, too. Did you have a glass bottom one???

  • No we didn't, the line was super long for that one and i thought it would freak me out! haha Did you?

  • Kassie ODriscoll

    Yeah, we don't have heights issues (pun intended – haha!). It was pretty cool! Luckily for us, there wasn't much of a line at all. 🙂

  • I have a weird infatuation with zoos and this place looks legit!
    And I NEVER would have gone on the gondola ride….way way way too afraid of heights!