Taipei Main Station + Jiufen Old Street

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 After visiting the Zoo we stopped at Taipei Main Station for lunch before heading to Jiufen Old Street and Pingxi Lantern City. We ate steamed dumplings, a variety of pork/honey/sweet dumplings that were absolutely amazing (we ended coming back for more)! Of course i couldn’t go to Taiwan and not drink Milk Tea, we found a little tea/juice store called Chatime, i had the boba and husband tried a lemon juice. (We loved his juice so much that everytime we found ourselves at Taipei Main Station we ended up having some). We took our lunch outside since it was a gorgeous day!

^^all of the drinks in Taiwan come with these plastic covers that seal drinks, perfect for on-the-go! ^^ 
^^ We had to stop at Krispy Kreme to get some delicious donuts in our bellies before leaving! ^^


After stuffing ourselves we took the train to Ruifang Station and then the bus to Jiufen Old Street. I had seen pictures online and after reading this area inspired the fantasy city of Spirited Away, one of my favorite Hayao Miyasaki movies, i knew it was a must see! We walked around for a while, but didn’t make it to the area you see in pictures online 🙁 since we wanted to do another stop before the end of the day we decided to just head back.


^^ i’m obsessed with chinese temples, they are something else! ^^
^^ a delicious peanut/ice cream concoction ^^
^^ YUM! i promise this was the last sweet we ate that day! but not the last of the street food ^^
^^ pre-boiled egg, cracked, then boiled again in tea ^^
^^ i believe the area i wanted to see, the one you can see in pictures online is somewhere over there ^^ 

^^ the view at the end of the road was gorgeous! Taiwan you smitten me. ^^