“Super” Typhoon Jelawat

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Most of you probably didn’t hear, about this but this past weekend we got hit by another typhoon, yes this is our second one since we’ve been on island. A typhoon is “a tropical storm in the region of the Indian or western Pacific Oceans”, according to WordReference.com, for those of you that did not know. But Typhoon Jelawat was a Category 5 Tropical Storm that was later called a “super typhoon”, which on the other hand is a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph or greater, according to the Washington Post. 
This typhoon did not have as much hype as the last two that hit the island and in my opinion because of this people weren’t properly prepared. What happened? you may ask yourself. Well this typhoon hit the island really badly, here are some pictures to prove my point. 
It ripped trees off from their roots.
On the other hand we were safe in our humble abode. We only experienced, a bit of water coming in our windows/sliding door but nothing we couldn’t deal with and power outage for 5-6 hours, which wasn’t that bad… some people had their power out for a couple of days. Thankfully Okinawa is now back to it’s normal beautiful blue skies and humid days. 
Looking forward to finally getting both of our cars this week, stay tuned for pictures 🙂