Ie Island, Okinawa

YYY Resort – Ie Island!

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Hello! I hope you guys are enjoying this lovely Sunday. After working four days straight (ugh!) i finally had a day off!! I spent today at home with the hubby. We made pancakes this morning, cleaned up a bit, bought some groceries, watched tons of Supernatural episodes and even baked brownies! I definitely needed a low-key day spent on the couch in my pj’s. I took my time editing these pictures and writing this post. I hope you enjoy reading about our impromptu vacation or better yet, stay-cation! I also hope your ready for a major picture spam!
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If you follow me on Twitter you probably read that G and I decided last Sunday to spend monday night at a resort, it was very last minute and very fun! He decided to take a week off work for r&r, to recharge his batteries before leaving next month for a month. I (surprisingly) had two days off consecutively and we knew we had to plan something fun! After submitting our information on the resorts website, we thought we were going to get an email with the rates but on Monday morning we noticed they had already separated a room for us and we would have to pay 80% if we cancelled (same day). Haha, so we decided in the spur of the moment to take this as a sign and enjoy two days away.
We packed a backpack each, took out some yen and set out for a fun stay-cation on Ie Island. You may have seen my Lily Festival post last May (if not i encourage you to check it out!), it was on the same island 🙂 We drove north all the way to Motobu and after arriving early we kept driving and explored another little island just across the bridge! We took the 3:30pm ferry, though if we would’ve planned everything better we definitely would’ve taken the 11:00am ferry instead and explored Ie island! We decided to do that the next day instead.
Let’s just say these two days were such a breath of fresh air!
 ^^ wearing a dress was probably not the best idea, but i’m glad i wore shorts underneath! ^^
 ^^ our beautiful oceanview! ^^
^^ japanese mini bar ^^
 ^^ You Tried, Okinawa. You Tried. ^^

^^ They had complimentary pajamas and let’s just say we had so much fun playing dress up! ^^
After a wonderful day spent together we had the fanciest dinner EVER! I’m talking real silver, tiny portions and seven courses of meat, fish, salad, soup, more meat and more fish, with dessert and tea! Everything was soo delicious but after we finished our dessert G literally said “that better not be it because i’m starving”! HAHA! We played pool at the hotel bar and although i got really close G won both games :(.
The next morning we had breakfast and then relaxed by the pool and the beach. At 11am we packed up, checked out and took the van back to the port. We were so ready to rent bikes and explore the island!
Sadly, when we got the the rental place after playing charades for a bit they told us that there was a typhoon close to Okinawa and that if it hit they would have to close the port and we would be stuck there. We saw the clouds coming in and decided to take the 12pm ferry back to Okinawa instead. I was very mad and discouraged, because i’ve been wanting to go back to Ie since we visited in May and the whole reason we ended up staying at the resort was because i asked G if we could spend the day riding bikes and exploring there. Well that part didn’t work out as planned, but this means now i want to go back even more.
 ^^ i am obsessed with these “jacks” wave breakers! aren’t they the coolest thing?! ^^
While looking for a place to eat i decided to take hubby to Cafe Doka Doka before heading home for the day! 🙂 
Even though some parts of the trip didn’t go as planned we had so much fun enjoying each other’s company and spending some quality time together. Nothing really mattered as long as we were together, holding hands, and most important of all having a good time!
Q: Ever planned a spontaneous trip somewhere and things didn’t go as planned?