Okinawa City, Okinawa

Southeast Botanical Gardens

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Of course my husband leaves and i get four Friday’s off at work! Lucky me, huh? Well last Friday my friend Ashleyvette and I decided to get our butts out of our houses and explore! We chose to visit the Southeast Botanical Gardens because they are a happy medium between my house and hers! This place was closed down for a couple of years but someone decided to buy it, renovate it and open it to the public again. I am so happy they did, because this place is gorgeous! We went around 4pm, that’s why the lighting was so dreamy!

And then a wild cattle of white bulls appeared, lol! Japan i love you more everyday!! We weren’t sure what was going on in this area but after getting home and looking through the brochure, i noticed that it’s a kids activity! They give kids paint and they go crazy painting the bulls! Weird, but kind of fun! Can you please pay attention to the Surfing Bull on the right, he was wearing hipster glasses!! enough said.
Are you prepared for this beauty? I called it a “River of Leaves”.
The sunset was especially beautiful that day!

We freaked out when we saw this spider and her shadow, but man this picture turned out awesome! I think after visiting the Botanical Gardens we’re sure this is where we’re going to take some pictures before the Marine Corps ball!