Sergeant Promotion

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G was pretty sure he was going to get promoted to Sergeant next year and we were counting on it being sooner rather than later, but still in 2014. Two weeks ago i woke up to a text saying “we need to talk about something serious” and like any girl dating or married to a man in the military my brain shifted to the worst of thoughts… deployment. My heart started beating rapidly as i texted him back, only to get a response saying “I’m going to pick up Sgt. in November”. I was relieved don’t get me wrong but i wanted to strangle him for scaring me like that!! After that feeling went away i couldn’t contain my happiness! I am so proud of this man for everything he’s accomplished in the last 3 years. Yes, he’s only been in 3 years and is already a Sergeant! This time around i was able to go to the promotion and take pictures!
^^ Gym buddies fo’ life! ^^
I loved being able to be part of this promotion ceremony and i will cherish these pictures forever! 
and Congrats to my lovely Husband! :))