Kadena, Okinawa

Sailing at Kadena Marina

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Husband had the day off today and he decided it was the perfect day to take me sailing. He recently got his Sailboat License and i wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The sea conditions were good, the sky was clear, the weather was perfect and after gathering some essentials we made the drive to Kadena Marina.

I would be lying if i said our time sailing was perfect. I had a couple of scares when it felt like i was near death, maybe it was my period putting things in my head, but i felt like the boat was about to be flipped over more than once and i almost had a heart attack. After an hour or so out i told G that i was “over it”, hahaha! I think it was mostly because it was just me and him out there, i had to help him out with a couple of things and i had never done such things, so i was a wee bit scared. Now we know that next time we bring another person to help him.

Q: Have you ever gone out sailing and had that feeling your not making it back to land? Or am i extremely dramatic?

Cheers to scratching off another item from out Year 2 Bucket List!!

I hope you guys have a great week!