Random Quirks About Me

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For some reason I noticed something quirky about myself today and I haven’t been able to stop thinking of other things that make me, me. Here are some random tidbits that will probably make you: laugh, think I am a total weirdo or maybe make you feel like I am your long-lost kindred spirit. Let me know which of these i achieved.

1. I think in Spanish and sometimes when i speak English i’ll randomly stop mid-sentence because i just can’t come up with the translation of the word i’m thinking of and i just don’t finish the sentence. It’s pretty¬†embarrassing.
2. I have a bad habit of scratching my head.
3. I am obsessed with dried cranberries.
4. I consider myself a night owl.
5. I love watching panel Q&A’s of tv shows i like. Like in Comic-Con.
6. I always have a million tabs open on my Google Chrome. This drives my husband crazy.
7. If i’m driving and a song i know starts playing on the radio, i can’t stop myself from singing out loud. Doesn’t matter if there are other people in the car.
8. The only time i’ve ever been a patient at a hospital was when i fell off a pogo stick and i cracked my forehead open.
9. I’ve always been very into talking to strangers on the internet, lol! Started on Hi5 even before Myspace became a thing and i had “friends” from all over the world.
10. I am (surprisingly) a pretty great cook. Thank You Pinterest!
11. I hate marinara sauce. Just the smell of it makes me want to barf. But i don’t mind it on pizza.
12. Atonement is my favorite film.
13. If i sneeze once, i can’t stop. I always have to carry paper towels in my purse because i get random allergies. Oh and i can’t stand tissues.
14. Ever since a little girl told me i look like Selena Gomez maybe two years ago, i’ve had countless strangers come up to me to express the fact that i look like her. It pisses me off now. Also while working at Forever21 a lady ran up the stairs towards me and while catching her breath told me she was about to call her daughter screaming saying that “Selena Gomez was here”, until she saw me and realized i wasn’t her… This got old really fast!
15. I have only been really drunk twice. I don’t like not feeling in control.

Ok, this was a pretty spontaneous blog post… but i really hope you enjoyed learning random things about me. I know i always find it interesting to read facts about other people; but maybe i’m just weird.
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