Random Acts of Kindness

Went on a quick trip today to a small flower shop around the corner, with a friend, bought a beautiful cactus and left with some some free flowers, courtesy of the nice japanese store worker. I have never experiences such kindness like the one i’ve experienced living in Japan. The japanese are so welcoming with big smiles on their faces and a bow. Even if they don’t understand you (like the florist) they surprise you with more acts of kindness. 
This is certainly something i will miss whenever we PCS.

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Hi! I'm Laura, the girl behind Little Island Takara. I am a military wife and American expat living in Okinawa, Japan! Most days you will find me reading books, wondering what cafe to go to next or daydreaming of my next adventure.

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  • My first week here, we found a guy selling his handmade okinawa glass on the side of the road and I bought two items, to which he gave us FOUR free things. I couldn't believe it. He was so incredibly nice and we've since realized that 99% of them are like that!! I love this place.

  • that's beautiful!

  • I know, right? 🙂

  • I know! They are amazing people! 🙂 I can't get over how amazing this place is!!