Vieques, Puerto Rico

Playa Negra (Black Sand Beach) – Vieques

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We were able to celebrate the holidays last year at home (in Puerto Rico) and right before my husband had to leave we decided to do a short trip with our families to Vieques, one of the 2 islands off the east coast of the main island. I had never been before and the whole reason why I wanted to go was to visit the Playa Negra / Black Sand Beach! We ended up saving this stop for our last day. We followed the Google Maps directions, parked the car on the side of the road and walked down a jungle path until we reached the beach. At first glance you could barely see the black sand, because it had rained the day before. I have to say, it was sort of a let down. It wasn’t until we kept walking that we found an area with noticeable black sand. We all took our shoes off and grabbed some in our hands. It was incredible.. the sand sparkled!!! We kept walking and found an even larger spot with more visible black sand and let’s just say we had waaaay too much fun playing in it.

 ^^ I couldn’t handle how pretty this orange seaweed was ^^ 

  ^^ Husband started digging in the sand and we found some really interesting black rocks ^^


Q: Have you been to a black sand beach before? I’m dying to visit the ones in Hawaii and Iceland!
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Playa Negra (Black Sand Beach),
PR-201, Vieques 00765, Puerto Rico