Pin-spiration Thursdays: Guest Bedroom

frame wall | yellow+grey | nightstand | washi tape 

Our living room is slowly coming together, so now i have shifted my attention to our guest bedroom. My mom, my two brothers and my sister-in-law are coming to visit us this summer, which means our guest bedroom needs to at least look presentable, even though half of them will be sleeping in a mattress on the floor, lol. Our spare bedroom has come a long way though, we finally have a bed in there after purchasing our adorable metal frame queen bed and heavenly mattress!

I also just bought this cute chevron duvet cover at Nitori (japanese store) and i’m excited to decorate the room. Our bedroom is more neutral, so i may go color crazy in this room! I already have some colorful vietnamese lanterns picked out at work to hang in one of the corners and i’m also planning on making a “travel wall” with a washi tape framed world map, the postcards we bought in our mainland japan trip and maybe some okinawan artwork! I’ll be sure to share pictures once it’s done!

Q: Do you prefer colorful or more subtle neutral decor? 

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Hi! I'm Laura, the girl behind Little Island Takara. I am a military wife and American expat living in Okinawa, Japan! Most days you will find me reading books, wondering what cafe to go to next or daydreaming of my next adventure.

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  • Gah your inspiration posts are just that – so inspiring.
    I love neutral furniture with bright pops of color throughout – something you clearly like too. Glad to know I'm not alone.

  • I can't wait to see how your guest bedroom turns out!! I'm currently pinning inspiration for our new apartment and find that I'm liking neutral with pops of color lately. Although, if I had another room (like yours) to decorate, I'd go for it with the color!