Pin-spiration Thursdays: Indigo

pattern bowls | mix match tile | color hues | plate setting | indigo dye | knick knacks

It’s been sooo long since i’ve done one of these pin-spiration posts but i think it’s time to bring them back, don’t you think? This particular post will most definitely make you obsess over this color combination i am currently in love with. These are actually the colors i’d like to use to decorate my living room but right now all you can see is mint, mint, mint and maybe a splash of gold. You want to know how obsessed i am? Well these are actually the colors of our christmas cards this year and i can’t wait to get them in the mail, send them off and then share them with you guys <3.

Also, I have been thinking of starting a little china collection with Japanese indigo pottery that i can mix and match with other white dishes and brown serveware. We’ll see if i can get a pretty decent collection during our time here.

Q: What color combinations are you currently obsessing over?