Pin-spiration Thursdays: Festival Season

this post was sponsored by: Gipsy Dharma

Gipsy Dharma contacted me in January about the sponsorship options on my blog and as soon as i clicked on the link i knew these would be perfect to feature on a Festival Season post. Their boots are designed to mimic the simplicity and comfort of walking barefoot, with super comfy soles that will keep you going for hours on end. Which means they are perfect for a weekend festival full of walking, and jumping to the beat of the music. (Read more about this awesome brand!) Festival pictures are always a bit magical and i can’t wait until we can experience this season ourselves. Definitely someday.

If you’re wondering how i would rock these boots, it would definitely be with high waisted shorts, a white tank top and a flower kimono! Plus, let’s not forget my RayBan Wayfarers! 😉

Q: How would you rock Gipsy Dharma’s thigh high boots?

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