Pin-spiration Thursdays: Elopement!

elopement21. San Fran City Hall 2. Lace Dress 3. Courthouse ‘I do’ 4. Elopement Announcement 5. Street Kiss

 1. Dreamy Kiss 2. Wedding Rings 3. Fluffy Cake 4. Just Married Bikes 5. Skinny Bouquet

Today’s post is inspired by a lovely lady who approached me asking for my help on her soon-to-be small legal wedding next month! Like i wrote in my new about page (you will see soon), in another life i would be a wedding planner or wedding photographer! I love everything white, pastels and shiny! My biggest pinterest board is wedding themed and even though my wedding came and went i still find myself pinning inspirational pictures. I wish i could do my wedding all over even though it was stupid stressful to plan it from Okinawa. Thank god for our wedding planner!

This wedding inspiration is geared towards small courthouse weddings or elopements! It’s all about hues of white, blush and gold! The key elements are: lace short dress, an up do with a birdcage veil, a simple bouquet, pretty vintage looking rings, fluffy cake and bikes of course!

Q: Wouldn’t this be the perfect way to make a small ceremony feel special?
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  • So beautiful.
    You should most definitely plan weddings – you'd be brilliant at it.
    You've got "the eye" – which actually sounds a bit creepy…

  • I think it's really lovely you think that way! I love court house weddings, every so often refinery 29 does a photo feature on couples marrying at the court house, the always look so care free and happy! X

  • Yes!! i've seen soo many adorable elopement photos and i just knew i had to share my take on a small wedding!

  • I've seen so many adorable small weddings and it all depends on the couples taste, if they want to elope or just have a simple courthouse wedding all that matters is that they're happy! we had to have a courthouse wedding before our big wedding and i think that's why i liked focusing on small weddings on this post!

  • Love that you took a peak into classy, elopement style weddings 🙂

  • I love that you've focused on small weddings and given a nod to elopement!

  • ha this is so cute! I didn't think that there was somebody who took longer showers than me!

  • Haha, I think that'd be a totally awesome post!

    And it is pretty funny and ridiculous, haha, "sleep watching TV."

  • It's lovely that you've been able to discover so much about him since you moved in together. We think we know someone, and then we live with them and we realise there is a whole world of things we've never experienced. It's part of the adventure.
    My husband takes the longest showers too. Loves them. He's the cleanest man I've ever met! Good to know he's not the only one!

  • He probably has tons of things he find quirky about me!! I should probably ask him to write a post xD that would be really fun! OMG HAHAHAHA that thing you do is pretty hilarious!! I would die to see that in person !!! 😛

  • HAHAHA i can picture you telling a grown man that he can't have the candy he sneaked into the cart while you weren't looking, lol! These men are ridiculous!!!! btw, thanks for sharing that vine video!! it cracked me up xP i'm so happy to hear that i made you laugh!! SUCCESS! ^_^

  • ^__^ It's awesome when you share the obsession for the same tv shows!!! 🙂 My favorite part of living with my husband is cuddling on the couch and watching our favorite shows every night!! Apparently guys just didn't get the memo on laundry, haha! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! It was really impromptu xD

  • Awww, this was fun and personal look into your relationship, your dynamic, and the cute quirks of marriage/living with a guy! 🙂 Does he find anything you do quirky?? 🙂 (One thing that I do is I'll fall asleep watching TV with friends or my boyfriend, but I'll try to pretend I'm awake, so it's like I'm "sleep-watching" TV, and so I'll laugh at weird points and occasionally mumble something. I don't know why I don't just go to bed! HAHAHA!)

  • I couldn't help but laugh at this list because some of it is the SAME stuff that I learned/put up with when I moved in with my husband. I am always making my husband put stuff back that he tries to sneak into the grocery cart so I am right there with you. Also, view this vine for a laugh because I swear it's what a grocery trip with our men looks like for the both of us.

  • I love this and can 100% relate. We had a fairly mixed taste in TV show, but since we've been together we've both come to love each others taste. I got hooked on Smallville and Peter on Supernatural. The Laundry thing drives me nuts lol – it's simple Whites, dark colours and lights!
    Great post Laura, I really enjoyed it 🙂

  • ashley

    Beautiful scenery!!!

  • Heather

    Not sure why the link disappeared. Here is my nomination post 🙂

  • Heather

    Is that a lovelock on that fence? I love the message behind those!

    PS- I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, pretty lady! <a href=">Come see the post here!</a>

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling 🙂

  • I feel your pain about the taking picture thing. The last time my husband took pictures with me was when our baby was 2 weeks old. That was four months ago. >__< I just don't ever want to lug my tripod and remote around, plus, we don't get out much. With a 4 (almost 5) month old, it's hard to go out and do things with it being as hot as it is.

  • I really need to get a tripod and remote!! We have no pictures together because he's always self conscious about asking people to take our picture!! >_< Haha, men!

  • I drive Casey crazy because I'll see something I want to get a picture of and won't let it go lol I guess he's kind of self conscious of what people think when we're standing on the side of the road or I'm setting up the tripod to use the remote for a picture together. (If your camera has an IR sensor, totally invest in a remote –the cheapo $5 ones on Ebay work just fine! Just check the model against yours –I have a Nikon) Anyways! I don't care. They can make a funny face for a few seconds then they're gone –never to be seen again while we'll have an awesome picture forever.

  • Lara Coleman

    Season 4 is one of my favorites! And season 5 gets realllll crazy.

  • That's such a good goal! I find myself totally the same way! Sometimes we bloggers feel like we get out by talking to people online but it doesn't quite work that way! Good luck! xx

    Allie @

  • That show is soo addictive!! it definitely keeps me on edge whenever i'm bored at home 😉 Haha! This part of Japan is definitely unique and exploring is the best part! I can't wait until my husband comes home and we can plan more adventures! I love showing you guys all the bits and pieces of this wonderful island!

  • Thank You!! 🙂 and I KNOW! the show is soo good! i think i'm on Season 4 already!! ^_^

  • Chelsea Ward

    Great goal! Doctor Who may be tempting but it never hurts to get out and explore. I'm so jealous you get to explore Japan too! I'll be living vicariously through your adventures!

  • Lara Coleman

    This is such an awesome goal. Getting up and going out when you have the house all to yourself is definitely one of the hardest things ever. Especially when you can be watching Mad Men! I love that show. I recently marathon-watched all of the seasons over again and probably lost like 100+ hours of my life doing it, so I can definitely relate to your goal of needing to take a break and leave the house. Good luck!!

  • Having a blog definitely helps! You feel like you HAVE to provide your readers with fun and interesting posts every week! It definitely helps get my butt out of the house! You should definitely make a trip to Okinawa, plane tickets are probably not that expensive 🙂 If you ever make it down here let me know!! I have a lil car and i can definitely show you around the best spots 😉 I'm pretty jealous as well that you get to live in Tokyo and that you speak Japanese!! i want to learn oh so badly!!

  • You're such a gem! I'm so glad you linked up so I could find your lovely blog! I 100% relate to your goal. Whenever I don't have work I just sit at home and do nothing and I always tell myself to get out and do something but then I never do. Getting a dog has helped my sense of productivity tremendously though! I also pushed myself to go to Starbucks or something and write blog posts there, to at least be somewhere besides my bedroom! I hope you can get your butt outside this week 🙂 I'd lovelove to go to Okinawa…pretty jealous right now!

  • Ugh this is so perfect! I'd so enter the giveaway buuuut our APO box will be closed on August 30 and I won't have an Anerican mailing address until I'm back here. Saaaad hahah maybe next time 😀