On our way to Okinawa

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After a great night sleep we woke up early, called for a cab, got everything ready and we left our friends’ house for the last time (it was really sad, knowing we wouldn’t be returning for a while), then made our way to the Albert J. Ellis Airport, again for the last time (at least for now, who knows).

i will miss this tiny airport

We flew from Jacksonville, NC to Atlanta where we had the shortest layover ever and we then flew to Seattle, WA. After landing, we grabbed our 5 bags and made our way to the USO lounge where we would be staying until our flight the next day. 
What can i say about the USO besides it’s the greatest thing ever invented, lol. They have a lounge/couch area, wifi, computers, a dining area, a tv/movie dark room, a family/toddler room, a room with bunkbeds where you write down the time you want to get woken up, they have showers and a luggage room. Basically everything you need and more while you stay stranded at the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport as you wait for your AMC (Air Mobility Command.. aka military) Flight.

An AMC flight requires you to check-in at the ticket counter at 1:30am, when in reality people start lining up at 12:00am or earlier and they open at 2:30am. If you are a family traveling then your in luck, because their is a separate line for family’s with kids and/or dogs. 
We started making the line at 12:00am and got seated at row #4 out of 40 rows in the plane, we felt so good knowing this! After we got our tickets we made our way back to the USO Lounge where we napped until after 4am when the TSA security check point opened. At 7:30 we started boarding our AMC plane, which thankfully happened to be just a commercial airplane and not a military airplane (phew!). 

here are some pictures i took during our 10 hour flight, 🙂

We got to Okinawa at 8:00pm (6:00am EST) after having two hour layovers in Yokota, Japan and Iwakuni, Japan. We’re now settling in on our TLA (temporary lodging) until we find our house! 😀
Stay tuned for more posts from Okinawa


ps. according to blogger, my url is now — theinspirationsparks.blogspot.jp 
holy shit.