Kitanakagusu, Okinawa

Sunflower Festival

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Last Sunday we had such a productive day because we woke up extra early (something that rarely happens) and I made pancakes and eggs for breakfast. We decided to do a dinner and a movie date when we noticed they were playing ‘Warm Bodies’ that afternoon at the Air Force Base. While surfing the web that morning I remembered the Sunflower Festival they had here during the time we were in Puerto Rico last year (for our wedding!!), i looked into it and read they were still doing it. We decided last minute to make the drive before our date and go see the Sunflowers in the village of Kitanakagusuku. What a great way to brighten up our gloomy days, huh?!

The sunflowers stand at least 4 feet tall with paths that weave throughout the fields creating a sort of maze. There were approximately 4-5 fields of sunflowers throughout the land. It was so nice to be able to appreciate such beauty.

They had live music and vendors selling local grown produce. i wanted to buy a sunflower but the ones they had for sale were already dying as well :(. There was one section that was my favorite because the sunflowers were surrounded by wildflowers and it looked like a pretty bouquet of flowers, but on the ground. I also had fun with the dandelions.

Someone was getting sick of me taking pictures, lol. We were there for only 30 minutes but what a great half an hour it was!