Lovely Letters –
Snail Mail Exchange (June)

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While i was reading Local Adventurer (an awesome blog you should totally check out) i found that they host a monthly international snail mail exchange called Lovely Letters and i got really excited because i’ve been wanting to be a part of another fun pen pal exchange. The packages have a budget of $7, so it’s just a little fun detail to share with new pen pal friends!

I got paired with Mo from Mo Explores, i loved getting to know her through our emails, her fun blog and YouTube Channel! The theme of this month’s exchange was SUMMER FUN!

Outgoing package:

  • Hanabi (Fireworks) Hand Fan
  • Okinawa Fish Magnet
  • Balancing Dragonfly
  • Japanese Snacks: Popsicles / Hi Chew / Unknown snack (lol!)
  • Okinawa Postcard (Lovely Letter)

I wanted my box to reflect Summer in Okinawa, and of course i hit up the ¥100 store to gather all the items. Hanabi or Fireworks is one of the ways the Japanese celebrate summer and you can’t survive a summer here without a fan in your purse. Okinawa is known for having some of the world’s best diving spots and who doesn’t love a cute magnet! Also, the dragonflies appear out of nowhere and are a sign that summer is here! Of course i couldn’t send a box without adding some Japanese snacks, so i added some popsicles you can pop into the freezer, some strawberry flavored Hi Chew and a candy that looked cool in the store, lol!

Incoming package:

  • Glamour Magazine
  • Hello Kitty Stickers
  • Weekly Planner
  • Flag – Gel Clings
  • Lovely Letter!

Like the idea of an International Snail Mail Exchange? Read all the rules, here.