Lovely Corners #2

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I was lacking inspiration this past week but i finally decided to feature one of the Lovely Corners of our home. 
I purchased this beautiful wine bar from Thailand last week at the Fleet Gift Shop and i fall more in love with it every time i walk past it. We had a big china cabinet loaned to us as part of the government furniture when we first moved here, where we had all of G’s alcohol displayed but after having that big thing in our living room for a couple of months i got tired of it and gave it back. The alcohol was then locked away in one of our kitchen cabinets and ever since then i’ve been trying to find a pretty bar to showcase it in our dinning room.

^^husband’s last name on a $40 Spanish wine bottle^^ 
^^wedding champagne glasses^^ 
Before opening their shipment to the public the Fleet Gift Shop posted some pictures on Facebook, like they always do, and as soon as i saw this piece i knew i had to have it. The next day after a day of adventure with some friends we decided to go to their shipment opening at 4pm. We got there just in time as they were opening the doors, but we spotted a big line up front. I was sure the bar was a goner by then. You see that furniture/decor store is a gold mine to all of us military wives here, i mean who wants items from the BX that everybody has. YUCK! This place offers so many unique pieces to make our houses feel like a home. As i came in through those doors i already knew what i wanted, so i darted in search for the wine bar and thankfully it still had the ticket, i snatched it up as soon as i saw the price. 
Thankfully my lovely husband agreed on how perfect it was going to look in our dinning room and let me purchase it even thought it was a bit pricey. We have a black leather/brown booth style seats with a marble top table from YellowBox and i’ve added some pops of  light wood color after finding those pretty placemats at a ¥100 store (dollar store). The vase and the paper flowers are also from the Fleet Gift Shop, i believe the vase is from the Philippines. The wire birdcage is from TJ Maxx, i just added a scrapbook paper to the back. 
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