#LITOkinawaFaves Week 2 Highlights

And just like that the #LITOkinawaFaves Insta Challenge is over! It has been so fun learning your favorite things about Okinawa, seeing how you interpret the prompts each day and like @kaymarieteaford commented in a previous pic, I get goosebumps every time I scroll through the hashtag. I have loved Okinawa since the very beginning (as you probably know by reading this blog), it’s been so nice to share this love with so many of you and having you share it with me!

In 2 weeks there have been over 350 pictures shared!! *high five* The ones above are my entries for each ‘week 2’ prompt and just like I shared last week, here are my favorite entries from Week 2!

Day 8: Outdoor Activity


makeshiftgypsies // rofamw // carolynohara

Day 9: Convenient Store Snack


kaymarieteaford // jamiepearsonphotography // mickellem

Day 10: Manhole Cover


kellyandco317 // 1.jenesaisquoi // amandatutt

Day 11: Beach Finds


mickellem // gaquade // ingieyork

Day 12: Touristy Attraction


1.jenesaisquoi // ingieyork // jamiepearsonphotos

Day 13: Vending Machine Drink


carolynohara // goldilocks_twobears // 1.jenesaisquoi

Day 14: Side Street


oliviafari7 // mtokumura1 // purokan

Thank you all so much for participating!! I really thought no one was going to participate, so thank you for turning this scary idea into a good one! What did you think of the challenge? Would you participate in another Insta challenge with different prompts? If so, any ideas? All are welcome!