#LITOkinawaFaves Week 1 Highlights

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In case you haven’t heard or read my previous post, #LITOkinawaFaves is a 14 day photo challenge that I’ve created and am currently hosting over on Instagram (Follow me! It’s not too late to join). The purpose of the challenge is to highlight your favorite things about Okinawa. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised (and relieved) by how many of you have joined and shared your faves!

In the first week there have been over 200 amazing and creative pictures shared! The ones above are my entries for each of last weeks prompts and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites!

Day 1: Food


funflyingfour // jamiepearsonphotos // carolynohara21

Day 2: Beach


kaymarieteaford // heapingtulips // mtokumura1

Day 3: Festival


mickellem // funflyingfour // rofamw

Day 4: Color


foreverfernwehblog // gaquade // kateafrost
purokan // katiewandersaround // ingieyork

Day 5: Flowers


allmyheartjewelry // mindyarnholt // carolynohara21

Day 6: View


jamiepearsonphotos // heapingtulips // funflyingfour // purokan

Day 7: Castle


mindyarnholt // goldielocks_twobears // mickellem

It was hard to choose only a small number of pictures, because seriously they’ve all been amazing! I’m super excited to see what other great pictures you will share this coming week. Keep ’em coming ladies!