Life Lately: Distance

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I’ve felt pretty uninspired for the last couple of weeks and i wanted to share a little insight into my life lately.

If you’re a long time reader or if you’ve read my about me page you know that G and I were long distance for two years. We said many hello’s and many goodbye’s and you might think it would get easier after a while, but it doesn’t. All of us military spouses know what we’re signing up for but that doesn’t make it any easier. We tell ourselves “Oh it’s just a few weeks or it’s just a few months” and most of the time we can deal, but nights are always the hardest.

G was sent to a new unit in Camp Gonsalves also known as Jungle Warfare Training Center, yup he’s literally in the jungle. This base is so up north that he has to stay in the barracks during the week and again, it’s just for a few days but it sucks not having him here. Not having someone to cook for (which makes me eat crap because i’m too lazy to cook), someone to watch House with, to cuddle in bed, to make me laugh with his sillyness. He is loving it though; i can tell. Not the being separated from me part, but the challenging, exploring, rappeling, teaching others, killing habu snakes with his machete part. He is also going on a survival training for two weeks and i’m not looking forward to not hearing from him.

He was able to come home for one day this weekend and although it was such a fun day together, i swear it made it even harder to say goodbye this morning. Usually it takes a week or so to get back into the solo groove, but this was our first week being separated and then reunited even if it was just for one day; i gotta be honest it was hard.

#Militarylife though. All you can do is “Keep Calm and Stay Strong”! Days will pass, work will keep me busy and this blog will hopefully keep my spirits up!