Uruma, Okinawa

Koinobori (鯉幟) over the Tengan River

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Golden Week is a huge deal here in Japan, mostly because it is the longest vacation period of the year for most Japanese workers. The week consists of 7 major holidays, starting with the Emperor’s Birthday and ending with Kodomo No Hi (こどもの日) or Children’s Day. You can tell Golden Week is coming up when the beautiful Koi Carp Streamers or Koinobori make their colorful appearance outside homes, stores, and in even over the river! The Tengan River is just a few minutes from where we live and for a week or two it’s decorated with these colorful streamers that signal the beginning of Summer.

^^ the local elementary school also hangs these hand made koinobori and they are super kawaii! ^^

^^ the best part of walking around the river close to Children’s Day is seeing all the cute little ones ^^

I kept putting off writing this post, exactly like i did last year, i think it’s because the pictures turned out soo bright and harsh because we walked around the river around 12pm on the brightest day! But anyways Happy Golden Week, even if it’s a week late 😛 Haha! Click the links to read more about Golden Week and Children’s Day.