Kitanakagusu, Okinawa

Kishaba Park

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A couple of weeks ago my friends Chaelyn, Katie (from japanese class) and i were wanting to plan an adventure, including our husbands, we settled to explore Kitanakagusuku. I had heard of a really old shisa dog in a park somewhere in the area and we searched and searched until we found the old little guy at the Kishaba Park. We walked around the park, took pictures and later decided to check out the Nakamura House. It’s funny how you can find things to do and places to explore in every corner, as long as you put your tourist hat on.


^^ japanese class/adventure buddies! ^^

We spotted this little guy from the side of the road and we were so excited because we had been walking/driving for what felt like forever. He’s missing most of his head but what great history behind one of the oldest shisa in Okinawa. Don’t know what a shisa is? It’s ok, it’s a traditional Okinawan decoration people place … well everywhere! They are thought to ward of evil. Want to know more? here’s more info on them. This guy was especially built to protect the village against evil spirits and disasters coming from a hill called Kanisan.


There should be another old shisa somewhere in Itoman, we plan on looking for it soon! 😉