Uruma, Okinawa

Katsuren Castle Ruins

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 A couple of weekends ago G was finally up to going exploring! Lately, with me working every Saturday our Sundays have become our lazy days in and we’ve barely done any adventuring. This particular Sunday i woke up with the urge to get out of the house, so i sat down, opened my computer went to Okinawahai and starting searching for something we could do. We decided on the Katsuren Castle Ruins, because it’s in our town and because we both want to visit all the World Heritage Sites on island. It was a cloudy day but as always Okinawa did not disappoint.

Katsuren Castle sits on a steep hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Only a few stone walls and foundations remain. Katsuren is most famous as the seat of Lord Amawari in the 15th century. According to the legend, Amawari was a sick child that got abandoned in the mountains to die. However, he survived and grew into a powerful leader who defended an oppresive lord and took over Karsuren Castle. Later he attempted to attack Shuri Castle, which ended in his death.

Q: Aren’t those sea colors breathtaking?! The view from the castle ruins was definitely a treat to witness.