Ishigaki, Okinawa

Kabira Bay

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After getting an email from Peach Airlines with some amazing deals i decided to book a little weekend getaway to Ishigaki for our anniversary. Ishigaki is located in the Yaeyama Islands, a little chain of islands south of Okinawa. I was aware that i booked our trip in the middle of rainy season and we were ready for any type of weather, but thankfully after a horrific plane ride, we were blessed with blue skies. We arrived a little later than planned so Friday evening was spent eating and trying to get over the nerves from the flight. On Saturday morning we decided to rent a car and explore some of the many attractions in Ishigaki. Our first stop, Kabira Bay. This place looks amazing in pictures but man, it’s breathtaking in person.

^^ i think it’s safe to say we’ve mastered the art of japanese posing ^^

^^ tourists and more tourists ^^

^^ this frozen drink came from heaven! haha at least that’s what it felt like ^^

^^ it’s always fun not knowing what you’re ordering ^^

^^ homemade pizza with corn and spam, it cannot get more japanese-y! it was delicious! ^^

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