“Just Because” Flowers

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G came home yesterday afternoon with two beautiful bouquets of flowers and when i asked him what occasion i had forgotten he said, none. “I got you these flowers just because i love you”. *Swoon* Then when i asked him why there were two he said he couldn’t choose between the two so he bought them both. We do this a lot, especially when we’re getting each other Hallmark cards, most of the times we can’t choose between a funny one and a loveydovey one, so we just get both. My heart bursts into a million pieces and my day was made. He is definitely the cutest. I found the closest thing to a vase we have and put them in water. Decided they were so beautiful i had to display them on our entry table. Here is a sneak peek of this lovely corner of our home.

Happy 96 hours of Leave!! or Happy Long Weekend for all you that don’t know this ridiculous military lingo! G is off work from today (Thursday) until Sunday. I certainly live for these long weekends. Happy 4th of July, all the way from Japan!!